Wokingham and District Beekeepers Association

Aims and Objectives
The Association exists to promote good beekeeping. One of our aims is to encourage new people into this fascinating craft and assist them by:

  • Providing contact with experienced beekeepers who can help newcomers
  • Running introductory courses at Association apiaries
  • Supporting and mentoring new members through their first year
  • Advising on the purchase of equipment and supplies
  • Providing a local association as a focal point for members
  • Educating members by holding weekly apiary meetings in the summer and monthly talks by experts in the winter.
    • Bee Tradex 2015
      This is the second year the Bee Tradex has been running and having gone last year I would say it was definitely bigger and better than last year. For those of you not familiar it is held at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire.

      With 40 different traders offering very good
      discounts, as you can see, Nigel & Garth
      picked up a few items!

      It's also a great place to catch up with fellow
      beekeepers, Reg, Kate, Linda, Garth & Nigel.

      There were many traders offering new products and ideas, my personal favourite had to be the apicon stand who are promoting a new approach to beekeeping "biomechatronic beekeeping technology" for the geek "modern apiary technology integrating biology, bionics, mechanics, electronics and intro-communication technology" for the layman it's based on a principle of well-timed hive rotation. It makes facinating reading, click here for more...

      Free Lectues as well...
      Amongst the lecturers this year were Charles Millar on Bee Disease Management, Dan Basterfield on Bee Farming and Ken Basterfield on Tools and Tips for making Beekeeping Easier.

      Charles Millar gave a informative lecture on a few pests hopefully not coming our way soon but will eventually such as the "Asian Hornet" and the "Small Hive Beetle", recommendation to sign up to BeeBase and be alerted to threats in your area.

      Dan and Ken Basterfield never fail to give an informative talk presented in an entertaining and engaging manner.

      Dan Basterfield, talked about bee farming, his own experiences and promoting membership to the Bee Farmers Association and its many benefits.

      Ken Basterfield, went through his progression as a beekeeper and the tools and tips that helped him, I now know not to wash honey buckets and just tip the washings away, but instead to use it for Honey Vinegar amongst many other helpfull tips.

BeeTradex 7-3-15 Van
BeeTradex 7-3-15 Group


Summer Meetings
at the "Two Poplars" pub in Wokingham.

Come for a chat about how your season is progressing at 7:30pm,

Now twice a month:
April 8th, April 29th, May 13th, May 27th, June 10th, June 24th, July 8th, July 29th, August 12th, August 26th, September 9th and September 30th.

Wokingham Bowling Club, Reading Road, RG41 1EG

two poplars

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